How to Enhance a Video?

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Have you ever seen a movie where the police try to find a suspect, but all they have as clues is a single video of a complete crowd? They yell “enhance” and voila! The picture or video is enhanced and somehow the suspect’s face is revealed.
We know that movies are never really a figment of reality, but how they portray technology is abhorrent at best. Nevertheless, there are some actual ways to “enhance” a video in real life, albeit not as being as good as what is shown in the movies.

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Top Ways to Enhance a Video:

Here are some ways to enhance any video that you should know about:

Using a Better Video Camera

The fastest and most effective way of having a better-quality video is to use a better-quality camera, pronto. There is only so much that post-processing and using various techniques can provide in terms of quality improvement. A good camera can not only reduce your workloads extraneously but also provide the best possible potential in terms of the best quality and several other features.
Do note that just because you are getting a higher-resolution video camera does not automatically mean that you will get better results. Choose a camera depending on:
  • Whether or not the camera is comfortable to hold and grip – many videos such as time-lapses require you to be still.
  • The number of colors that the camera can show, and how accurately it can represent them.
  • Choosing a camera that has better video quality as compared to better picture quality: no camera can have both at the same time.
  • Sticking to your budget and looking at reviews to figure out the best camera for your needs.

Use Color Correction

Color correction is the most affordable and effective method of improving any video’s quality considerably.

  • As the term suggests, color correction is a technique that allows any individual to alter the colors of the recorded video to look more real.
  • Even though modern video cameras are able to capture video at a very fast and efficient pace, they still are not able to accurately capture all colors.

For example, if you record a video, some spectrums of yellow and red can seem to be orange. Using color correction can help you accurately replicate those yellow andred colors where they are needed. Some Chinese cameras tend to get “better” results by overblowing the saturation of the video. The color correction can effectively help reduce that too.

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Using a Video Sharpener

Many video editing tools available for Windows, macOS and Linux allow the ability to sharpen a video directly. There is no doubt that sharper videos can result in better quality – though only to a certain degree.

A video sharpener uses techniques like anti-aliasing as well as multiple other abilities to make some edges sharper or softer depending on what the user wants. We recommend going for a not-too sharp video quality because it can appear editedand unnatural. Even the human eyes do not perceive everything as very sharp.

Convert Files to HD Format

There are a lot of video or file converters in the wild, but we recommend HandBrakeas the only free converter in the market right now.

  • Even though most video editors use this effective platform to efficiently reduce the size of the video through special encoding techniques without losing too much quality, the exact opposite is also possible – albeit at a massive size cost.
  • You can slide the several sliders and choose filters on each of the videos you choose to enhance inside HandBrake too.

We recommend experimenting around, though it is certainly recommended to have a beefy PC. HandBrake requires massive CPU and GPU performance and does not compile in real-time on even the strongest CPUs in the market right now.

Capturing RAW Video

The normal video that you shoot is in some processed format that the video cameraor mobile device automatically processes. During this processing, the processing software changes most of the raw information and content that the camera has otherwise recorded.

RAW is a file format that saves the video in the format that it is recorded in, with literally no edits. Most video enhancers on the market support RAW format, and even want you to capture in RAW. RAW edits allow enhancers to use more of their features, because of all the information available.

Reducing the Noise

Camera noise is unlike the word ‘noise’ you may have heard in real-life. It does not mean that the video is screaming or anything. Video noise or camera noise refers tothe grainy or sandy pixels that you see in your video. This is especially visible when shooting during the night. Though most video cameras and smartphones released in2019 or 2020 do have a dedicated night mode to reduce this noise, it is still a big issue.

By reducing this camera noise, you can effectively enhance the quality of the video without having to worry about too much.

Hiring a Professional

A professional video editor is not only able to cut and merge a clip while adding unique GIFs and images inside your video but also able to effectively color correct and use various filters to make your video look better.

The global video editing software market is about 850 million USD as of 2020 and is expected to gloat to about 932 million by 2025. You can hire a professional easily on Fiverr and various other freelancing platforms for pretty cheap too.

Final Thoughts:

We hope that this article has helped you understand everything you need to know about enhancing a video. Because of how saturated the video market has become in recent years; you will find it effectively much easier to edit and enhance your video now than in the past couple of years. There are even free alternatives available in the market right now. If you have any further queries, you can always holler. We will try our best to help you.

Written by Artifix Team

Written by Artifix Team

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