How AI Chatbot on Your Website Could Help Your Business Grow?

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Businesses nowadays are incorporating the latest technologies to attain the desired turnout. In recent years technologies like Augmented Reality and AI chatbot have revolutionized the businesses trends. No doubt, many entrepreneurs got intimidated by trying the latest inventions and are more comfortable with the traditional ways. But in the modern era of emerging technologies, it has become crystal clear that having a realistic approach for your businesses has become the need of the day. Artificial Intelligence chatbot is the latest technology which has not only saved the costs of the businesses but also helps to generate leads and hence grow your business faster. We cannot deny the benefits it is providing to both businesses as well as its customers. Now without wasting our time, let’s get straight into some of the details about AI chatbots.

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How a Chatbot Can Transform Your Business?

The utility AI chatbot is bringing to us are not limited to a few and include the following:

  • Provide a great user experience
  • Increase sales
  • Lower the costs
  • Increase the number of customers
  • 24×7 support
  • Can help the customer of various languages
  • Reduces customer support requests
  • Great customer experience

According to the latest news published in Ed-tech company, K12 Insight has brought an AI-based chatbot named Let’s Talk! Assistant. Its primary purpose is to make the interaction of students, teachers, parents and other management easy and for 24/7.

It will answer the queries of the teachers, students and their parents regarding matters of studies. People can approach it during any time of the day and any day of the week. It delegates the more complicated solution to teachers and management, whenever it is unable to answer.

From the above example, we can see that chatbot benefits are spreading widely across the companies, and we should incorporate it in our setups and startups to make growths.

The details of the advantages it brings to our businesses include:

Helps in Generating Leads

Using a chatbot can help find the customers and lead them to your sales agents. People search on social media all the time and look for their desired products. AI chatbots can even locate customers outside of the working hours by answering their basic questions or sales inquiries about your product or service and ultimately directing the customers to the right person. Also, chatbot AI can direct the customers to the desired web page from the home page, thus facilitating the customers and improving their experience with you.

Can Work as a Sales Assistant

AI chatbots make inquiries about the taste and need of customers by asking a series of questions to them and in some ways, work as a customer support. Then give them some suggestions about the relevant products, thus acting as a personal assistant. It saves time for the customers to select the right product among the long list of products and provides your customers with a pleasant experience with your website, thus improving customer engagement. According to a survey, customers tend to share their bad experiences more often to other people. Satisfied customers can also suggest your website to more people, thus building your customer list. landing page

Replacing the Human Agents

AI chatbots are linked to reducing the costs of the businesses significantly. The traditional way of customer service involved employing a human agent or a call centre service. The costs are high as these agents are supposed to work 24 hours a day. Now chatbots have taken over these human agents, thus reducing the costs which you can use to expand your business processes.

Provide Visual and Voice Search

There are many ways devised to make the search easy. Two of them are visual, and voice searches and are used widely by large websites such as Google and Amazon. This search method is not limited to larger sites, but smaller websites can also incorporate them, such as most eCommerce sites incorporate visual search facilities to your website. So to get benefits from the above search types to choose AI with features of visual categorization. Similarly, use AI with more conversational type to make voice search easy and efficient.

Increase in Sales

AI chatbots can help drive the sales conversion by actually acting as a sales agent. They can get the orders by directly interacting with customers without human involvement and then make these orders delivered fast. Chatbots also indirectly influence sales by turning regular visitors to clients by answering their queries in real-time. Hence the visitor will not leave your site and will not go to the competitor’s site if you have an AI chatbot that is solving their customer queries in real-time.

Some of the Best Chatbot Examples in 2020:

Let’s have a quick overview of some of the best examples of chatbots:

  • National Geographic has devised a new idea for the promotion of its show named Genius in which one can talk to Einstein. Yes, there is a conversation which talks in the way Einstein would. This bot responses the queries and shares the exciting facts about the show in the tone of Einstein. Interesting, isn’t it?
  • WHO health alert is a bot on WhatsApp created by the World Health Organization. Its primary purpose is to spread awareness about COVID-19 and provide the latest information about the pandemic.
  • Whole Foods is a Facebook messenger bot that spreads information about food products, shares mouth-watering recipes. This chatbot directs the traffic to their main website through messenger by finding recipes for the visitors.
  • Madison reed is mostly a text-based chatbot which says to the users about their most flattering hair color shade. Users only have to submit their selfies. Landing Page

How Do I Integrate a Chatbot Into My Website?

Now, as you see how many benefits the AI bots can provide to your site. Let’s talk about the ways to incorporate the one into your website. There are two options for you. You can get the services of a web developer who will integrate a personalized chatbot for your site. The other way is making the use of an AI chatbot tool which can be added anywhere as you require. Many options also help you to personalize the bot without any external help.

Wrapping it up!

It is crucial to incorporate the latest technologies such as AI chatbots to help businesses, or your competitors will surpass you. Over the last couple of years machine learning has been growing rapidly, thus creating many new solutions to startups. AI chatbots can answer user questions by analyzing consumer behavior and giving many reasons to stay with the company. This leads to improved customer feedback and any team, any company should strive to achieve it.

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Written by Artifix Team

Written by Artifix Team

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