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If you asked us what one of the essential parts of building a brand is, we would say it is a custom logo. The most challenging part here is to leave an impression in your customer’s eyes. Logos’ are as much important for big and small business owners. Continue reading, and you will know how to choose the best logo maker for your needs.

Which logo maker to choose?

Before starting to create a logo for your needs, there are some things that you should consider before you create your own logo using logo maker: 

  • Price – because you are searching for an AI logo maker, you already know that some are free while others are paid.
  • Features – some AI logo generators are easy to use as they are drag-and-drop based while others will create a limited type of a logo.
  • Knowledge – how much you know about logo creation and why artificial intelligence can help you do most of the work.

Top 10 AI Logo Generator Review

You already thought about the type of logo your brand needs. But have you ever made one? Do you know where to start and how to make your new logo? Here we are presenting the ten best logo makers, and because Artifix’s main idea is about artificial intelligence, all of them will be powered by AI. So, without any waiting, let’s get started with the reviews!

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Wix logo maker homepage

Wix is one of the biggest platforms in the world. AI powers Their free online logo maker tool. It does not matter if you have experience or not. This tool is straightforward to use. You can create the perfect logo for your website with just a few simple clicks, and there are tons of different templates to choose from. As it is common for Wix, you only need to answer a few simple questions, and this logo creator will generate a unique logo. When trying it, we somehow thought that there could be more shapes to choose from. But you should try it out by yourself!

Zyro logo maker homepage

This is an entirely free online logo maker used by people who have little to no logo making experience. Because of the many different logo templates and icons, the logo creation process will be fun and exciting. We can’t forget the variety of customization tools and colors fonts that are easy to use. We should mention that once the best logo is done, you can download it in high-resolution, so there won’t be any problems publishing it online immediately. They also have some other great tools that you should check, but we will talk about them later. This is the fastest improving logo generator in the world!

Looka logo maker homepage

Looka is another beautifully created software to make a logo that is powered by AI. This is a new name for the previously known Logojoy software. It works quite similar to the Wix but here you need to enter your company name before starting the creation process. With the help of artificial intelligence, every step is fully automated. You can only download the logo after signing up. We offer you to check this tool because the interface is just fantastic!

4. DesignHill

DesignHill logo maker homepage

This is one of those rare websites that come with one tool – a logo generator. But understand us, when you have a huge community behind, the tool can’t be wrong. People love it and sometimes call this online logo maker the best in the world. The whole creation process is easy. Just answer three questions, and you can get the best logo! If it doesn’t suit your needs, you can always ask for help from their marketplace. When responding to the questions, provide as much information as you can. Because DesignHill is all about the designers and designing a logo, you can always order a professional logo created by them!

Tailor Brands logo maker homepage

We think that if you decided to create a logo, you already know Tailor Brands. They are the true leaders here! Their logo creator is using AI. If you are in a hurry, this platform can create it in less than 10 minutes! Yes, you heard us right. Provide some information, add some touches, and there you go. You have a ready to use logo! You can even download vector files. What is even better here, you can immediately use your logo for other tools like business cards or a website builder. So, please don’t wait and try their tools right away.

Brandmark logo maker homepage

Only by visiting their website, you can already know that something huge is hidden there. With Brandmark, you can start your business logo right away. They have some other cool features like business card designs, tons of design elements, graphics for social media, app icons, and more. The part that we loved the most – their team will help you create a logo within the purchase. So, if you want something more than just another online logo maker tool, Brandmark is the right option here!

LogoAI logo maker homepage

Their slogan tells everything: ‘Build A Smarter Brand.’ Artificial intelligence engine running on their platform understands the data and uses the best designs to build a unique logo. They also provide some other cool features like the brand center, where you can generate visuals for all your branded content. Some great examples provided on their website won’t let you down! Smart, professional, and automated – that’s all we need from a correctly working AI.

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NameCheap logo maker homepage

NameCheap is also one of the global leaders. They provide everything you need to create, not only your logo but the whole website. With just a few simple clicks, you will create a perfect looking logo. Customize your logo design, select icons, and here you go. You can easily download your logo for free! Their user-friendly interface lets you generate and get a logo on the go. One of the best features is the option to view your logo on some real-life examples – t-shirts, websites, and business cards.

DesignEVO logo maker homepage

When we saw that DesignEvo has more than 6000 professionally designed logo templates, we were shocked! When you have so many options to choose from, the creation process becomes fast, easy, and professional. Because of the well-made interface, you can control every aspect of the logo creation process. When you have a huge community behind, the best thing you can offer for your customer is choosing from a huge variety of professionally made shapes, colors fonts, and icons. There won’t be any pixelization because the logo can be downloaded in high-quality PDF and SVG files!

LogoMaster logo maker homepage is the next big thing in the market. Even though it has a one-time fee, you can choose from three different subscription types – basic, premium, and enterprise. This software is easy to use with its pull and drop interface. You can select from a variety of icons and shapes. Update the color, size, and everything else you want. Fonts, colors, and sizes can be changed easily. Like an entirely professional online logo maker, this one offers to download your logo in high quality! So, if you came here with the purpose to create the best logo for your business, we do think that this option is for you!

Free Logo Design FAQ

How can you create your logo for free?

If your business name is new and you are just starting, we offer you to try one of the tools mentioned above. Many of them are free to use so that you can jump-start your business right away.

Do you want to know how to make a good logo?

The logo creation process is always difficult and time-consuming. Because most of the logos nowadays are minimalistic, you need to avoid over-designing. Minimalism is conquering the world. So don’t forget that, and make sure to check all of our favorite logo makers we mentioned! If you want to get some more information, here is the video that we highly recommend.

Final words

We have mentioned the top 10 AI logo generators. Still, they are only useful if you have the necessary knowledge about the meaning of the colors, design experience, or you like the DIY type. If you don’t have a lot of time or have already decided to devote some money to design a logo, we highly recommend reading this article. In some cases, you need to request designers to create a professional logo fast and cheap. So let’s get started!

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Written by Artifix Team

Written by Artifix Team

Our people are interested in many different topics including artificial intelligence. That is why we are ready to think about the future now!

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