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In a Digital Galaxy Far, Far Away

Many years spent trying to understand the AI

Artifix is about artificial intelligence and you should never doubt that a group of young and talented tech people who love doing some crazy things together can one day change the World. We have been in the online business for quite some time, and since working on some great projects in the past, we decided to start a new one. A different type of website. Can you imagine a place, without any advertisement, where the information you get is clean and non-promotional? Where businesses and creators collaborate towards the same goal – use artificial intelligence to make the World a better place to live!

We do! That is how the Artifix idea came to our heads. We want people to understand that AI came into our lives and is here to stay. But contrary to others, we want people to know where AI is being used, why it is good for us, and maybe, when seeing other businesses and people products – create new ideas and uses of AI!

Some Cool Facts

AI in Numbers

Billion by 2027 ($)
Increased productivity (%)
AI startups investment growth (times)

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